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Social Distancing Protection with Cubicle
Wall, Desk, Counter Top Extenders

Our biggest concern right now in stopping the spread of COVID-19

Our cubical wall and panel extenders fit on top of your existing panels to provide additional social distancing protection. They also enhance worker privacy and productivity by blocking some of the ambient noise and sounds (office chatter, phone calls, and outside noises).

We offer various sizes of cubicle panel extenders made from high quality and transparent plexiglass materials for increased protection. Easy to install with nothing more than an Allen head screwdriver, installation takes less than 5 minutes per panel.  All brackets fasten to the panel wall using a clamping mechanism, no drilling or damaging your expensive furniture. Our extenders will work on Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, HON, Sunline, and most other popular cubicle systems.

You can easily add better safety functionality to your current panel system with these innovative products. Your employees will immediately notice these additional safety promotions, and as a bonus these panels reduce noise levels and help them focus, thus improving the bottom line of your business. These cubicle panel extenders are an investment in yourself, your employees, and your business.

Cubicle Wall and Panel Extenders Feature

  • Multiple adjustable brackets that can fit cubical walls ranging from 1.5″ – 3.645″

  • No need to tear down existing cubicles or displace your employees.

  • No damage to existing panels.

  • Easy install, less than 5 minutes with an Allen head screwdriver.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our day-to-day lives and has made us rethink how offices are laid out. Gone are the days of open-floor plans, employees sitting side by side for collaboration, and large conference rooms. If your company is in the process of redesigning your office space to meet the new standards of health and safety, workstation dividers and cubicle panel extenders are the perfect solution. These panel extenders can be added to your existing cubicles or installed on surfaces between workstations to add a layer of protection for your employees. Learn more about the benefits below and the different options available. 

Adds a Barrier between Employees

The biggest concern right now in stopping the spread of COVID-19 is adhering to social distancing guidelines. The CDC recommends keeping at least 6 feet between your employees at all times to prevent the spread of airborne germs, especially from sneezing or coughing. With the use of the workstation dividers, you’re adding extra height to your cubicles to provide an extra layer of protection between employees. 

Easy to Keep Clean

Since the primary purpose of adding these cubicle dividers is to increase the safety and cleanliness of your office during this time, it’s essential that the materials you choose to use are easy to disinfect.  Acrylic extensions can be cleaned easily with a soap and water solution or alcohol-based disinfectant spray. It is recommended to use a disinfectant with an alcohol content of 75% or less. 


Many employees fear that the CDC’s new guidelines will require them to purchase all new office furniture to provide a safe work environment for their employees to return to. When you use extensions, there is no need to purchase all new office furniture. Adding extensions to your already existing cubicles is the most cost-effective solution.

Increased Employee Productivity

On top of its benefits in stopping the spread of germs, increased productivity is also an added bonus! The extensions provide both visual and sound privacy to help employees stay focused, and they absorb up to 90% of sound from inside and outside the work station. 


Davinci Displays can create cubicle panel extensions for any size cubicles. They are also available in several materials and finishes, including clear or frosted acrylic and solid colors. The extensions can be installed on desks or cubicles, they can be installed on top of a cubicle panel with a specially designed clamp.

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